Top 10 Things that Differentiate Us

Mobile Capability

As you evaluate CFP® certification education programs, it is important to consider mobility options that give you the freedom to study away from the computer. Included in the standard tuition cost, students can study away from the computer via PDF downloads for printing plus mobile downloads for lessons and instructor-led sessions.

Personal Advisor

With any program, a chief concern is going to be the thought of being on your own. That could not be further from the truth with this program. Each and every student in this program is assigned a personal advisor, at no added cost, with whom you will have access to throughout the length of your coursework.

21 Months of Access

Most of our students will complete the program in 10-12 months, but sometimes life intervenes and throws our plans off track. For that purpose, students are given 21 months of access to this program. That’s twice the access period of some of our competitors, eliminating the need to contact us for an extension before your 9-month deadline is up.

CFP Board Released Exam Questions

We have placed CFP Board released exam questions throughout the coursework to provide context to what you are learning and also to help guide you to what you can expect when you take the Board exam.

Customer Service

Our students are not simply just a name or number. We will never take your participation in our program for granted and will do anything we can to make your experience in this program the best it can possibly be.

Engaging Content

With an endeavor this size, it’s vital the content is engaging. If it’s not, it becomes very easy to lose interest and get off track. Greene Consulting, our partner in the development and delivery of this program, has been doing online knowledge-based training in financial services since 1999, so you can be absolutely sure that they know how to make online learning engaging and effective. We will not tape a professor standing in front talking for three hours. Our program is a truly interactive online learning experience.

Printable Lessons

We understand that you can’t or won’t be tied to the computer, and it’s not a true 24/7 accessible program if you require someone to be online to access the material. Each and every one of our lessons can be downloaded as a PDF and printed out. This allows you to print out lessons to go through when you’re traveling, in the doctor’s office waiting room, or just if you want to read through the lesson instead of going online. No other online program offers the same flexibility.

24-Hour Access

Who has a structured life with defined blocks of free time anymore? This program is accessible at any time, day or night, 365 days per year, so that it always fits your schedule. That means you complete the program at times that work best for you, but also means you can spend the time you want on each and every page. You pace yourself through the program, slowing down to spend time on topics you need more work on, and speeding up in other areas where you don’t need as much work.

Focused Learning

The CFP Board lists 72 topics that must be covered in an educational program. But those 72 topics are higher level topics, which means there could be hundreds of subsets to those. This makes it very easy for any program to lose focus and cover needless bits of information. That doesn’t happen in this program. We focus the learning to ensure you aren’t spending time on anything other than what you need to know.

Study Guides

In addition to every lesson available as a PDF, we have created study guides for every single lesson (excluding the Calculator Courses) as well. These printable study guides are tailored to the lesson, providing you a place to take and organize your notes, and to use as you study for both our exams and the CFP Board exam.